In addition to profitability and competition tests, each product is tested for sales history and, more importantly, pricing for the past six months (sometimes tests go back a year). Our primary focus is on competition, price stability from half a year ago, absence of Amazon vendors, brand openness, etc..

Depending on the product, there are exciting leads with unprecedented promotions that will end within a single day and under-the-radar deals that will remain relevant even months later, so we can use the whole pool of existing products instead of relying on deals that appear daily!

In contrast to similar methods in which many violations of Amazon’s regulations are committed, this method fully complies with all the rules of the regulation (TOS), Amazon allows the resale of any product on an existing sales page as long as it is the same product, and the method is based on creating sales on product pages so this action is not against the law.

No, because not all 20 members will choose every deal every day. We will definitely meet friends from the community in the competition many times, but when we choose products with a relatively healthy sales rate and buy relatively small quantities (5-20 pcs), the products of each of us will sell on the same day or at worst on the same week, which will definitely leave a space in the buybox for you.
Yes, since the attractiveness of each lead can go weeks or even months ahead, we built a smart system which allows filtering by profitability, brand name, upload date, sales rate, etc. So as a group member, you can enjoy more than just the new products!

In most cases, yes, because sellers need tools for finding products and for checking histories and viability, but subscribers to our system will get ready-made products that have passed all comprehensive tests, so extra tools are not required.

You don’t have to approve any brands to sell them. We make a supreme effort to find only those that do not need approval.

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